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GibbsCAM NLO ISV examples

GibbsCAM NLO ISV Options
ISV Options file for GibbsCAM NLO Licensing
The GibbsCAM NLO licensing utility offers the ability to control how and by whom licenses are checked out.  The RLM End-User Manual has more detailed instructions but these steps work well with GibbsCAM licenses and offer more complete examples.  

Step 1 - Accessing the ISV Options file

To access and edit the ISV Options file, logon to the Reprise License Server Administration page built into the GibbsCAM NLO licensing.  You do that by opening a web browser and typing:

http://[SERVER NAME]:5054  (older versions of the licensing use port 9000)

Then, click on the Status button and select the GibbsNET button below Options

Step 2 - Modifying the ISV Options File

The most common request is for the ability to block a user or group of user from checking out specific options.  This is done using the EXCLUDE command in the ISV Options file. 

The EXCLUDE command is formatted as follows:

EXCLUDE product [user|host|group|host_group|internet_group|project] who

Here is an example of a line that will exclude the Lathe option from a specific user based upon his login name:

Exclude lathe_7 user FredJ

You can also exclude specific computer from checking out lathe option as follows:

Exclude lathe_7 host Fred's_Computer

In the ISV Options text dialog you would enter one line for each rule you'd like to establish. 

Step 3 - Saving and Restarting the Service

After you've finished editing the ISV Options file you will need to click the Update Options button and then click the Reread/Restart Servers button.  Click the Reread/Restart button on the page that comes up.

Here is a list of GibbsCAM options names.  Only the options you've purchased will appear in your license file.

Option Name Option Description
milling_1   Mill
rotmill_2   Polar & Cylindrical Milling
lathe_7   Lathe
1flow   MTM Level 1
2flows   MTM Level 2
3plusflows   MTM Level 3
advmill_3   Advanced CS
cutdata_8   CutData Option
solimp_4   Solids Import
acisimp_6   ACIS (SAT) Import Option
granite   Solids Exchange Built on Granite
25dsolids   2.5D Solids
step_interop   STEP Import Option
creo_interop   Pro/E Import Option
solsurf_5   SolidSurfacer 
exchange_9   Exchange Option
catiaimp_10   CATIA Import Option v4
catiaimp5   CATIA Import Option v5
ugs_nx   UGS NX Import Option
vdafs_11   VDA-FS Import Option
machsim   Machine Simulation
multiaxisrendering   Multi-Axis Rendering
tombstone   Tombstone Management
wireedm   Wire EDM
proaxyz4axis   ProAXYZ 4 Axis
5axis   5 Axis Option
volumill_2d   Volumill 2D
volumill_3d   Volumill 3D
5axismultiblade   5 Axis Multiblade
5axisadvmultiblade   5 Axis Advanced Multiblade

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