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How to send a large file to Gibbs & Associates via FTP

If you need to send a file too large to send as an attachment we have established a folder on our FTP site. It is recommended that an FTP client be used to connect to our site rather than an internet browser.

FileZilla is an excellent open-source (free) FTP software. WSFTP or CuteFTP are also good FTP applications.

password:[e-mail address]

The pub/incoming folder is available for files you'd like to send to Gibbs & Associates.

When your upload is complete send an e-mail to or to whomever you are attempting to send the file. Please be sure to wait until you have finished sending the file before e-mailing as it is possible for your file to be corrupted if we attempt to retrieve it while it is still in the process of transmitting.

**The most common connection problem is caused by a setting in the FTP software. If you have trouble connecting to our site look for a setting that says Passive (or PASV) and change the setting.

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