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General tips to solve installation issues

Having trouble loading GibbsCAM?

Errors during installation or when launching GibbsCAM for the first time. This includes DLL and installer errors. Try these steps:

  1. Uninstall GibbsCAM
  2. Restart your system
  3. Login as an administrator
  4. Temporarily disable any anti-virus or anti-spyware applications
  5. Go to c:/program files/common files/
  6. Delete (or rename) the Installshield folder. (If it will not delete or rename note the filename preventing. Hit alt-ctrl-del and select Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab and look for the file you noted earlier. Right-click on the file and select End Process)
  7. Reinstall GibbsCAM from the installation CD or download file.
  8. Confirm GibbsCAM will launch normally and re-start your anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

Hardware key driver issues:

  1. Follow steps 2-6 above
  2. Go to Add/Remove Programs
  3. Uninstall any instances of Sentinel System Driver or Sentinel Protection Installer (if running a Rainbow Sentinel SuperPro key) or HASP drivers (if using a timed key)
  4. Download the current Sentinel drivers or HASP drivers and install them
  5. Launch GibbsCAM. If you still receive a Hardware Key Missing error you may have installed the wrong version of GibbsCAM. Uninstall Gibbs and re-install being sure to select the correct key type.

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