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How do I import materials into my material database?

To access the Material Database import dialog go to File-->Preferences-->File IO. Click on the browse button to select the TXT file created to the specifications outlined below.

There are 14 data categories that are supported. Each new material entry must be on a single line and there must be a tab between each entry. All categories must be entered, if a material you are defining does not have an entry (typically a comment), the category must be entered as “NULL”, without the quotes. Each category has a particular type of data it can read. A “string” is text and a “real number” is any non-irrational number.

Categorytype of dataExample
FamilystringAlloy Steel, Cast
Alloy GroupstringLow Carbon
Alloy CommentstringThis is a low carbon steel alloy casting
HardnessstringOver 50 HRC
ConditionstringCarburized &/or Quenched and Tempered
Tool MaterialstringCarbide Solid
Cut TypestringEnd Mill, Peripheral
Cut Depthreal number75
Tool Sizereal number6
Surface Feedreal number45
IPR or millimeters per threadreal number0.102
Use Comment0 or 10 for no comment or 1 for using a comment
CommentstringNULL (if there is no comment)
Metric0 or 10 for inch or 1 for metric

† These strings must match strings is the current Material Database dialog. That means the Tool
Material must be

  • HSS
  • HSS TiN Coated
  • Carbide Insert
  • Carbide Solid
  • Diamond
  • Other.

‡ These strings must match strings is the current Material Database dialog. That means the Cut
Type must be

  • Boring
  • C. Bore
  • Drilling
  • End Mill, Peripheral
  • End Mill, Slot
  • Mill
  • Reaming
  • Spotface
  • Tapping
  • Turning
  • Cutoff
  • Thread.

Following is an example of a material entry as seen in Microsoft® Word. The arrows represent tabs
and the pilcrow(¶) is a return.

Alloy Steel, Cast --> Low Carbon --> This is a low carbon steel alloy casting --> Over 50 HRC --> Carburized &/or Quenched and Tempered -->
Carbide Solid --> End Mill, Peripheral --> 75 --> 6 --> 45 --> 0.102 --> 1
--> NULL¶

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