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Lathe Form-Tool Usage


This exercise was first introduced in the GibbsCAM 2002 Lathe manual. Due to changes in system functionality, the tutorial no longer works as described in the Lathe manual. The following is the updated version of the Lathe Form Tool Tutorial. You will likely find this version easier than the method shown in the Lathe manual. To create this part, we will start with a very simple part file, create a Form Tool and apply a machining operation using the Form Tool.

Create a simple radial metric lathe part with two diameters. The first diameter at X 12.7, Z-24.9. The second diameter at X25.4, Z-50.8

Create a new workgroup for the Form Tool.

Use the data shown to create the geometry for the form tool

Double-click on Tool List tile #1 to create a new tool. Create a turning tool, face the part and turn the O.D.

Double-click on Tool List tile #2 to create a new tool.

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