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Where do I define a stock workgroup in v7.0 and later?

Q: How is a custom stock workgroup defined?

A: To create a starting stock condition with geometry you will first need to draw the stock. First, create a new workgroup and rename it to Stock. This is where you will draw the stock. It is important that the stock workgroup contain only geometry used to define the stock.

In lathe you should draw the cutaway view.

In mill you will need to draw the outer profile shape of your stock. You can also draw a single closed shape within this profile to define a hole in your stock

When you've drawn your stock shape check to be sure that the geometry is fully closed. Unless your shape is a circle your geometry should be completely blue...including the points.

Lastly, open the workgroup list and right-click on your stock workgroup. Select WG Info and set the workgroup to Stock. (this is the important step)

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