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Where do I put my Machine Sim files?

A Machine Simulation model will generally consist of a large number of files. A good practice is to have a separate folder on your hard drive for each machine. If you create a folder called Machine Sim on your C:/ drive you would create a new folder within that folder for each machine. So, in C:/Machine Sim you might have:

C:/Machine Sim/Hermle
C:/Machine Sim/Mazak

In the example listed above you would load your machine by doing the following:

  • Create a new GibbsCAM part file or open your existing file
  • Right-click the Rendering selector and select Simulation
  • Right-click on the Render Control dialog and select Load Machine-->Browse
  • Click on the User Folder button
  • Change directories to the C:/Machine Sim folder (do NOT set it to the folder containing your machine)
  • Click OK
  • All the machines loaded in the Machine Sim folder should now be listed under User Folder
  • Select the machine you want to load
  • Hit Ctrl-U to unzoom your view

Some machines require MDD modification and will often include an MDD. It is a good idea to look for notes from the machine builder concerning installation and use of the machine. If you build the machine and decide to share it please include any specialized usage information.

To share any machines you build or modify please submit them to


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