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How do I stagger a rough turn operation in MTM?

How do I stagger a rough turn operation in MTM?

The part used in this example can be downloaded HERE. This example requires the MTM module. This part was created with the Training Twin Turn MDD included in GibbsCAM.

Define two tools, one for the upper turret and one for the lower turret

Drag both tools to the process list to create a multi tool process and place a rough machining tile on both

In the first process, un-check 'auto clearance' and set your approach plane, retract plane and the diameter of your stock

Input 'Xr Stock' equal to or greater than the desired step.

In the second process, un-check 'auto clearance' and alter the approach level and start of stock by the step amount.

Select geometry and click 'do it'

Once the toolpath is generated, select the Sync Control tile.

From the sync control dialog, select both operations and click on the 'stroke sync' tile. This will open the dialog window.

Check on 'Wait at end' and input the desired number of revolutions in flow 2 start dwell.

The result will be a staggered rough cut.

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