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Where should I put my post processor files?

Question: Where should I place my post processors?

Answer: Your post processors can be copied anywhere on your system. We typically recommend that customers create a folder called Posts on your C:/ drive and place your posts there.

If you received your post on floppy disk: Simply copy the contents of the floppy to the folder you've created for your posts.

If you received your post by e-mail: If you received your post(s) by e-mail it has likely been compressed as a .ZIP file. You will need to unzip this file before you can use the post(s). A good utility for doing this Winzip

By keeping the posts separate from your Gibbs installation you are saved from having to locate and move your posts each time you get a new release. When posting a part the first time you will need to change directories to where your posts are located but you should default to the location on subsequent newly-created parts as well as previously posted part files.

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